Motivation and Objective of the Workshop

Water, energy, and food are the fundamental human basic needs.  From the rapid growing urbanization, the consumption of these resources became competitive, created significant pressure on the supply chain and generated many environmental issues. Water, energy, and food have a strong correlation and cannot individually be managed. The water food energy nexus (WEF) is a novel concept to sustainably development strategies by integrating the management of these resources simultaneously. 
The objectives of this workshop are to identify overlapping issues regarding WEF and determine collaborative topics and mechanism for research collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region. Participants will be engaged in brainstorming and discussion sessions as well as sharing best practices and experiences for their home countries.









January 20, 2018: Preworkshop

7.00 am

Participants arrival/ Airport pickup from adiCET Staff/ Hotel Check-ins

18.00 pm

Meet with adiCET staff at hotel lobby
Dinner & Visit Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street

20.30 pm

Return to hotel


January 21, 2018: Workshop

8.00 am

Depart from Hotel

9.00 am


9.30 am

Introductory Remarks
                            Dr. Worajit Setthapun
                            Dean, Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology,
                            Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand

9.40 am

Welcoming Address
                            Associate Prof. Dr. Prapan Thummachai
                            Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand

9.50 am

Opening Address
                           Dr. Richard Carlin
                           Head, Sea Warfare and Weapons Science and Technology Department
                           Office of Naval Research

10.00 am Group Photo and Coffee Break
10.30 am

Invited Presentation (Facilitator: Dr. Sulak Sumitsawan)
                          Status of Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Asia Pacific Region
                          Prof. Dr. Shabbir H. Gheewala
                          The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

11.00 am

Experience Sharing Session (Facilitator: Dr. Chayanon Sawatdeenarunat)
☉ Participants share their research and background experience relating to Energy, Food, and/or Water (5 min/person)
                          ☉ Summary of Experience Sharing Session

12.30 pm Lunch
13.30 pm Group Discussion: Opportunities for Energy-Food-Water Nexus Collaborative
Program for Asia Pacific Region
13.30 pm

Topic 1:  Issues to overcome regarding Water, Energy and Food area
               (Facilitator: Prof. Dr. Michael Promentilla)
☉ Participants discuss/brainstorm on pressing issue for each topic: Water, Energy and Food from their respective
                              countries as well as linkage issues between the 3 topics.
                          ☉ Identify similarity and overlapping issues regarding WEF areas

14.00 pm

Topic 2: Opportunities for Energy-Food-Water Nexus research collaboration for the Asia Pacific Region
               Facilitator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Prapita Thanarak)
Participants discuss/brainstorm on research opportunities/ ideas/ topics to provide solutions to the issues
                          ☉ Determine research topics for collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region

15.30 pm

Topic 3: Ways-forward for collaborative programs for Asia Pacific Region
              (Facilitator: Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop)
Participants discuss/brainstorm on mechanism of how to implement the collaborative research program,
                               such as MOU, set up working group, shared resources, facility, funding, etc.

16.15 pm

Summary of Group Discussion (Facilitator: Dr. Worajit Setthapun)

16.30 pm

Chiang Mai World Green City Tour (10 min/stop)
                          ☉ Energy Efficient Buildings                                    Dr. Worajit
                          ☉ Smart Home with EV                                           Dr. Hathaithip
                          ☉ Smart Community                                               Dr. Worajit
                          ☉ Agrovoltaic/Smart farm                                         Dr. Surachai                         
                          ☉ BioEnergy Cycle Center – Zero Waste                   Dr. Chayanon
                          ☉ 700 kW                                                               Dr. Hathaithip
                          ☉ Recycled Road Blocks from Waste Plastics           Dr. Nuttiya

18.00 pm

Welcome Reception at the Turtle House Activity Area

20.00 pm Depart back to Hotel


January 22, 2018: Post Workshop - Chiang Mai Site Visit

8.30 am

Meet with adiCET staff at hotel lobby
Visit Doi Suthep
Visit Bhubing Palace

12.00 pm

Lunch and Depart for Airport in the afternoon