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Green Residence – 綠色住家

Green Residence

Green residence is a small eco-friendly village comprises of energy efficient houses and buildings in the Smart Community. The houses are designed with different shapes and materials to study energy conservation and determine the comfort zone (temperature, relative humidity, and wind) for the buildings. The types of the houses are as follows:

1.Diamond house is a pentagon-shaped house with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam as the construction material. The foam acts as insulation from external heat and the pentagon shape can reduce the direct sunlight reflecting into the house. Therefore, the diamond house will always remain cool and comfortable. Moreover, foam beads are also mixed in the floor of the house to prevent moisture penetration.


2.DC-ONE House is designed to be suitable for the Smart Community area with A shape. The structure of the house is constructed as A-frame with high ceiling to reduce the temperature inside the house. DC-ONE house is the first model house that all electrical devices are powered by direct current such as refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, water heater, and television. Therefore, the knowledge extracted from DC-ONE would be beneficial as a guideline in the transition from AC to DC society.


3.Box house has low construction cost with boxed aluminum and fiber cement board. Passive design is used for the box house which situated under big trees to create comfort zone.


4.A-Frame house and Smart Home-1 have the concept of reuse local natural materials. Wood, rocks, soil and sand from the surrounding area are used for construction. The houses are designed to utilize shading from trees, landscape and the environment to the highest benefits.







1.鑽石屋 為五角形的建築,以聚苯乙烯作為建築材料,作為鑽石屋的絕熱板,然而五邊形的建築也可抵擋陽光直射。因此,鑽石屋內會很涼爽及舒適,此外,避免住家的水分滲透,鑽石屋的地板也使用此材質。


2.DC-ONE屋 被設計為最適合智慧社區的A形狀,為降低屋内的温度,房屋的結構為A框架的高天花板。DC-One 房屋也成為第一個家中所有電氣設備都使用直流電的例子。例如:使用在冰箱、冷氣機、微波爐、熱水器與電視。因此,以DC-ONE將成為社會率先成為使用直流電轉為交流電的房屋。


3.盒子屋 擁有低建築成本,由於使用鋁與纖維水泥板當作材料。盒子屋是一種自然通風建築,適合放置於大樹下,以創造舒適的區域。


4.A框架屋 智慧房屋擁有重用當地使用過的天然材料的概念。從周邊地區回收使用過的材料,例如:木材、石頭、泥土與沙子,並利用樹木、景觀和環境的陰影設計房屋,進而得到最高利益。