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Smart Home – 智慧房屋

Smart Home

Smart Home has the smart energy management system to optimize the energy usage and reduce peak demand. The appliances are monitored with sensors and controlled to provide a comfortable environment to the home owner with reduction of electricity expenses.


adiCET has developed the DC Smart Home that uses DC power directly from PV system without converting to AC power. This is an efficient way of using electric power from PV because it eliminates the power loss from the conversion.


At present, all appliances can be controlled by the Smart Home System. The controlling functions include:

1) Control by Smart Phone App

2) Control by Touch Screen

3) Control with Voice Command

DC Smart Plug is an innovation created with the Smart Home to provide convenient to the user. The smart plug allows user to specify power consumption by controlling electrical equipment’s operation via website and smartphone application. In addition, the plug can display power usage through website and record the statistics onto the online database. DC Smart Plug is also designed for safety and security. The plug could automatically turn off the electrical appliances when any interference occurs or power consumption is higher than specified level.