General Information

Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology (adiCET), Chiang Mai Rajabhat University is concerned about energy conservation, higher efficiencies, and use of renewable energies in the integration to the local community.  adiCET aims to be the learning center for green technologies to showcase real applications for sustainable living.  Chiang Mai World Green City is the main project to develop the Green College, Smart Community ASEAN Renewable Energy Center (AREC) and Green Technology Exhibition.  Chiang Mai World Green City is also the first model community in the world that is integrated with nature, uses renewable energy, green technology and strives to be fully sustainable. The green city is situated in 500 rai of the Mae Rim Campus, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.  Associate Professor Dr. Wattanapong Rakwichian established the College as the first dean.  Currently, the dean of adiCET is Dr. Worajit Setthapun.

adiCET has the main mission of conducting graduate programs & research, providing academic services.  For the graduate programs, adiCET provides 1 interdisciplinary programs include:  

1. Master of Science in Community Energy and Environment 

2. Doctor of Philosophy in Community Energy and Environmen

Dr. Worajit Setthapun

Dean of the Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology (adiCET

AdiCET Vision

Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology strives to be the leading institution to promote and develop the technologies and management model for the betterment of the community.  The focusing area of adiCET is renewable energy, green technology, environment protection, local wisdom and culture conservation for the local community of Asia and the world.  The main missions of adiCET are graduate program management, research development, academic services and arts & culture conservation. 


Chiang Mai World Green City is a Living-Laboratory the integration of green technologies and renewable energy. adiCET staff, students and faculty members uses the green city as office, classroom, laboratory and living quarters. We feel that we cannot learn or teach if we do not experience it ourselves. These pictures here are our Chiang Mai World Green City.