Guideline for Research Assistantship Scholarship Application and Reporting Procedures Process

Type of Scholarship for Research Assistantship
1. Full Research Assistantship ((Full-time Student))

     1.1. Tuition Fees Support
         1.1.1. Ph.D. Degree (3 years) 40,000 THB / semester 
         1.1.2. M.S. Degree (2 years) 18,000 THB / semester
     1.2. Personal Expenses Support
         1.2.1. Ph.D. Degree 12,000 THB / month
         1.2.2. M.S. Degree 10,000 THB / month
     1.3. Research Fees Support
     1.4. Research Presentation Fees Support

2. Partial Research Assistantship
     2.1. Tuition Fees Support
         2.1.1. Ph.D. Degree (3 years) 40,000 THB / semester
         2.1.2. M.S. Degree (2 years) 18,000 THB / semester
     2.2. Research Fees and Presentation Fees Support

Scholarship Application Process

Applicants send the request document and the required documents at Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University or Email: and calling Mr. Namphon Srikham Tel: +66(0)-81-7169612

1. Required Documents
     1.1. Concept Paper (เอกสารเชิงหลักการ)
     1.2. Statement of Purpose (เอกสารแนะนำตัวเอง)
     1.3. CV (ประวัติทางการศึกษา)
     1.4. 2 Recommendation Letters (หนังสือรับรอง)
     1.5. Copy of Transcript (สำเนารายงานผลการเรียน)
     1.6. Copy of National ID or Passport (สำเนาบัตรประชาชน หรือหนังสือเดินทาง)
     1.7. English Score (คะแนนภาษาอังกฤษ) เช่น TOEFL, IELTS, TU-GET, CU-TEP,
             CMRU-GEP, CMU-eTEGS หรือ TOEIC

     1.8. Copy of research publications in academic journals and / or presentations in academic  conferences / or patents and / or other works (if any)
2. College Board Consideration the Document and calling for an interview
3. Announcement the Grantee by Email

Reporting Procedures for the Grantee Process
     Grantees, who received the scholarship, have the responsibilities to report monthly research procedures and to report monthly oral presentation on Presentation results in academic seminars Publication of scholarship recipients in academic journals and / or other works as this following process
1. Submit and E-Mail the Completed Procedures Report to Advisor for signing
2. Submit the Completed Procedures Report, with the Advisor signature, to the College Accountant (*Within the 20th day of the month)
     2.1 theCollege Accountant submit the report for the Dean’s signature
     2.2 the College Accountant make a disbursement to the grantees according to the scholarship agreement
3. Present the monthly report by the oral presentation every month till the graduation also sharing Grantee’s PowerPoint to advisor
4. Submit the presentation results in the academic seminar/ publications in academic journals and / or other works that occur (if any) in the documents forms and electronic forms 1 set within 30 days