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Ph.D. Program

Course Feature
Class Description
Doctor of Philosophy Community Energy and Environment 
Ph.D (Community Energy and Environment)

Location of College

  • Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology, Mae rim Campus, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

Curriculum Format

  • 45 credits; Multidisciplinary program with the period of studies of 3 years.


  • English and Thai


  • Accordance with the Graduate Study Regulations of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

เล่มหลักสูตรฉบับปรับปรุง 2565


     Courses Time and Date Semester 1                June – September
Semester 2                October – February


Total 45 credits
Elective Course Plan A type A2 (no less than 12 credits)
Plan B (no less than 18 credits)
New Applicants 40,000 ฿ / Semester

Curriculum and Instructors
Doctor of Philosophy in Community Economy and Technology Development

Total 48 credits

Curriculum structure

  • The curriculum structure is divided into course groups in accordance with the curriculum standards of the Ministry of Education.
  •  Full Title: Doctor of Philosophy (Community Energy and Environment)
  •   Abbreviation: Ph.D. (Community Energy and Environment)
  •   Completion all the required courses of the program
  •   Pass all the required Examination (QE Examination, Proposal and Final Defense)
  •   Pass the English qualification test as specified in the Graduate School
  •   Have at least two publication in national or international journals (with peer reviews) in well-known database
  •   Ph.D. cost 40,000 ฿ / Semester (without other fees)